Vitamins For Skin & Importance of Healthy Vitamin Rich Diet

Vitamins For Skin & Importance of Healthy Vitamin Rich Diet
Vitamins For Skin & Importance of Healthy Vitamin Rich Diet

Besides making use of beauty products for looking pretty, taking healthy and balanced diet is also equally important. A balanced diet that features nutrients, vitamins and minerals can do wonders for the skin. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, fibers etc. are the components of a balanced healthy diet and balanced diet, in turn, is the key to fresh and healthy skin. A number of vitamins are necessary for proper functioning of skin cells and other body organs, some of them are as follows.

Vitamins Necessary for Healthy Skin

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is very helpful in preventing acne breakouts and wrinkle formation. It strengthens the skin, reduces sebum production and thus plays role in preventing acne. Moreover, due to its antioxidant properties, it assists elimination of free radicals and toxins from the skin.

Beta Carotene: It prevents and reduces the damaging effects of sun exposure.

Vitamin B Complex: It helps enhancing the immunity of the body by alleviating stress. As a result, it prevents acne breakouts. Moreover, it stimulates the blood circulation as well as the metabolic process. Bread is an ideal source of vitamin B.

Vitamin C: Along with enhancing the immunity against infection causing bacteria, vitamin C helps in keeping the body young, healthy and flexible as well. It safeguards the skin from harmful sun exposure and prevents blotches and damaged blood vessels. Citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes and cabbage are rich sources of vitamin C..

Vitamin E: It serves as a great natural moisturizing and skin softening agent. It also protects the skin against sun damage. Moreover, it neutralizes the free radicals and prevents aging. Foods like hazelnuts, wheat germ and almonds are the rich sources of vitamin E.

Biotin: Biotin, an essential vitamin for the skin, brings out skin’s moisture and natural glow. That’s why it’s usually recommended to those having dull skin.