Vitamins Loaded Foods for Skin

Vitamins Loaded Foods for Skin
Vitamins Loaded Foods for Skin

Our skin is the mirror of our inner health. What we eat will become the part of our body. Nothing can beat with the importance of diet. For the smooth and proper functioning of the internal and external organs of the body we need the diet which is well balanced. Our skin is the major organ of our body. Its suppleness and youthfulness requires continuous care by taking healthy diet and also by using all the external skin care factors. The health and appearance of our skin need some essential nutrients. Vitamins are one of them. The important vitamins fro skin are vitamin A, C, E, K and B complex with some antioxidant diets.

We shall now consider the diets and effects of this Vitamins Loaded Foods for Skin


These are found mostly in carrots, cantaloupe, potatoes, and in green leafy vegetables. These vitamins improve our immune system and also help in combating the infectious skin diseases. If there is deficiency of this vitamin then the skin will become flaky and dry. Beta-carotene found in carrots breakdown in intestines and converted in vitamin A.

Vitamins Loaded Foods for Skin


These vitamins are essential for the regular functioning of our blood stream. Continuous and fresh supply of blood is essential for our rosy hue. It contains biotin and niacin, both of these elements in it is essential for hair, skin and nails. These make the skin moisturized, smooth and reduce the risk of inflammations as acne, pimples on the skin. These are found in all poultry products, legumes, grains, meat, and in nuts.


This is one of the nature great gifts of nature. It protects and recovers the skin damage especially which is due to prolonged sun exposure. This vitamin also secures the skin from skin cancer and infections. Vitamin C is found abundantly in all citrus fruits as oranges, grape fruit, and guava and in all yellow colored fruits.

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Vitamin E is the major constituent in determining the skin texture. It makes the skin firm, young and fresh .It prevents the premature aging of the skin and used as anti- wrinkling agent in many cosmetics. It makes the skin smooth and fresh by its abilities of skin repairing and acne cure. It is found mostly in all nuts, corns, wheat, leafy vegetables and in fish. If you wish to stay young by the appearance of your skin then vitamin E is the best option for you.


Vitamin K is essential for maintain the skin binding and its firmness. It is obtained from all leafy vegetables. It is also obtained from asparagus, sprouts, and broccolis and from Brussels.