Washing Your Face


Washing Your FaceWashing Your Face – To wash the face is an easy task. Some people think that frequent washing of the face keeps the skin fresh and whiten the complexion.  Though there is some truth in it because by washing the face the dirt particles are removed as they accumulate. The skin cleansing   naturally affects the complexion.

But the repeated action of cleansing agents might bring the dryness, itching and sometimes the breakout of acne on the skin. So too much good things sometimes ends up at the bad. It is usually thought to wash the face twice a day is best for skin care. But actually the secret of washing the face lies in the type of the skin.  And the washing is done by considering the skin type as follows:


The dry skin needs to be washed only twice in a day because the skin is already dry and the use of soap or the facial wash take away the natural skin oils by cleansing the pores. As result of it the skin get more dry and peeling with cracking of the skin is apparent in dry skin after washing. So after the use of mild cleanser the skin should be moisturized properly to replenish the skin oils. Such skin also exfoliates after every two days so that the dead cells removed as they formed.


The faces wash for the normal skin also to be done twice or thrice a day. Once at the early morning and then after coming your job or getting free from house hold works and then at night before going to bed. At night the face washing is done after cleansing and removal of all face make up. At night after washing apply moisturizer for the youthful skin complexion.


This type of skin requires the frequent washing because the oily glands of the skin are hyper active and make the skin oily after sometime. If this oil is not wiped frequently it may clog the skin pores. At such type of skin the white heads or the black heads are seen. Which are nothing just the mixture of dead cells and excessive oils of the skin with dirt particles. after each facial wash toner is applied on the face to keep the skin oil free.