Waterproof Makeup


Make up is the necessity in each atmosphere and in each climate. Sometimes the make is to be worn while swimming or while at the beach or in the climate with extra heat and temperature. The perspiration and the water make change the whole good looks to ugly ones and with the sweat all the glam is vanished. In such cases there is the need of the make up which stay on the skin with all environmental factors.

  • Choose the cosmetics which are with the water resistant formula. The foundation and powder from cream to water based formula. The oil based cosmetics are not used because it will melt with the heat and cause the make up to go away.
  • Apply the water based moisturizer at the skin to prepare face for further make up.
  • Apply the primer to your skin which will become a barrier between skin sweat and the make up, and used to add here the make up to the skin. Eye primer and lip primer are also used to make the skin texture smooth and even.
  • The foundation is used in thin coat because the heavy coating when used it will make the look artificial and difficult to adhere with the skin. At this thin layer the blusher and the eye shades are applied.
  • The water proof make up is used in quick manner because it set fast and mistake will be difficult to correct.
  • Apply the anti shine mortifying powder to make the surface of the skin water proof, it will absorb the excess oil from the skin and by the puff dab it and which is also used for blotting the moist.
  • At the end the makeup fixer spray is used to fix the make up at the spot. It will take 30 seconds to dry and will provide a barrier for make up and the outer water.
  • At lips apply the lip sealer and smudge resistant to make the lipsticks water proof.

Now all is to be done with the water proof makeup.