Ways To Look Thinner


Ways To Look ThinnerThere are some easy and quick tips to make your looks slimmer with out loosing weight. These are as fellows:

  • Your toes play vital role in defining your personality. Use skinny pointed and high heel shoes to make your appearance lean.
  • Choose the skinny tops with V neck line. It will give you slender appearance. It has been suggested that wider V is suitable with the bulky hips. It has been noticed that more the skin appear between the chin and chest area more the slender look is created in upper parts of the body. The open upside down triangle creates high focal point.
  • Use the slips that bulge out the smoother appearance of breast and also firm tummy control shapers while wearing pencil skirts.
  • If you have flabby upper arms try to avoid the use of sleeved shirts which stops at the top of the shoulder. Instead of this use the cap shaped arms to hide the bulky shoulders.
  • For jeans not to use baggy or too skinny jeans as they may give you pear shaped appearance and you look upside down bulky. The best cut in pants is boot shaped which has slight flare below your knees and it will balance your bulky hips. By using these you will look leaner vertically.
  • If using mini skirt use highlighter in the centre of the Lower legs in up ward line. It will enhance the slimmer look of your legs and they appear more slender.
  • Use trousers which start in mid to the hips. It will create the vertical length to your lower body.
  • Select the trousers which are not short but their hem falling down to your shoe will create the longer look in your appearance. Capri also used for summer season.
  • Use the long narrowed vertical patterns in clothes to make your look slender. The horizontal or oblique prints give you the appearance which makes you bulky.
  • Use hair style in which the hair is pulled at the top of the head as ponytail, braid, buns, and updo. All these give your chubby cheeks the thinner appearance.
  • Keep you posture erect with shoulders bulging out enhance your slimmer looks.
  • Pose your body slightly angular while taking photograph; it will hide the bulky tummy and flabby arms.
  • In make up use bronzer shades for cheeks, lips and eye shadow. It will create the slender look in your overall appearance by your face.

Ways To Look Thinner Ways To Look Thinner-