Ways To Remove Facial Hair


Ways To Remove Facial HairThere are many ways of removing facial hair. The method should be chosen according to quantity or thickness, location and rate of growth, the type of skin also matters a lot, normally girls use home remedies to get rid of these hair, but that is a very long and time consuming way, if you are not ready for that then here are some other ways for you.

Temporary methods of facial hair removal

Plucking, I would say that it is one of the most old and ancient way of getting rid of these hair, normally girls use tweezers to removes hair from the follicles and cause they pull it from rots and that is what it takes some time to re -growth takes time. Plucking is suitable for hairs on the chin, between and under the brows and sometime on the upper lip and you should clean the area first with cotton wool and some mild antiseptic solution and you should maintain a hygiene issues too.

Threading, it is another very common method of removing facial hair and girls use a thread for that, sometime they use any thread and sometime one use some specific threads that are available in the market, it is a temporary method and you got to repeated periodically to maintain a clean and hair less surface, threading is best to shape the eyebrows, but make sure you are getting the service of someone expert or you might get irritations, cut sand burns
Waxing is the best way to treat unwanted hair, if you just know the best way and if you know the best solon, Cold wax would be safer for the face and you can use hot wax for other parts and if you know someone who is pro in waxing then you will get so many other benefits with this too.

Epilation is a comparatively new way of treating unwanted hair and it is a bit less painful too, it is a small gadget for hair removal and you can use it on your face and other different areas of your skin and body and it would lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks and it can pull off smallest hair from your skin too which means much more neat and clean skin.

Laser is the latest way of treating unwanted hair and it has been saying that it can treat your hair permanently no matter what part, but you will not get this hair ever again, it is a treatment of three to six month and they pull of the hair from the rots and after that they run a level of electricity in the rotes and it kill the production immediately and then you visit them after a week and then they repeat the procedure, it is good but if you are attending some experts.