Ways To Wear Scarves


Scarves are now days are considered an accessory to the dress. They not only add to the beauty in our outfits but also beneficial for covering the body from undesirable factors. There are different ways in tying or wearing scarves in trendy way to add the sophisticated look. Scarves are in different shapes from regular square medium sized to long stoles. These are of different stuffs from silk, satin or cotton type scarves.

These are tied in following different ways:

  1. The scarf may be rolled in loose manner around the neck or may be tied with its two corners over each other.
  2. You can use your scarf as the hair accessory. For this purpose you will take the square scarf and fold it from center to make the triangle of it and tie it at your pony tail with one   triangular corner putting at your shoulder. It will give you a trendier look.

Ways To Wear Scarves

  • The scarf may be wrapped around the neck in turban style and will be decorated with brooch at the center of the turban; it will give the appearance of beautiful necklace.
  • If the scarf is in Stoll form it may be hanged on shoulder with a scarf pin or brooch to hold it at the shoulder.

Ways To Wear Scarves-

  • It may be used to cover the head by double folding at the head and leaving the edges free. To hold it in such position the scarf pin is used at the side of the scarf. It will give a stylish and elegant look.
  • Silk scarf with business out fit when wrapped around the neck give you an executive appearance.

Ways To Wear Scarves-0


  • Scarf can be wore in blouse form, for this the square scarf works well, it is folded in the middle and is wrapped around chest in such a way that the two ends are kept in front and the middle third end is thrown at the back. The two front ends may be knotted or not according to your desire.

It will give you a pretty look.