Weight Loss Camps


The weight loss camps are also called “Fat Camps”. It is the type of program where overweight and obese persons are sent during the specific period. They stay there to eat nutritious foods, exercise and loose weight. These are also known as “Weight Loss Resorts”. These are different from ordinary camps as that they typically provide nutritious classes, weekly weightings and variety of classes’ exercises and activities designed for weight loss.

Important Features;

  • The weight loss camps are for all age groups. These may be different for boys and girls. These are also different for different age groups.

Weight Loss Camps


  • These offer nutrition education, weight loss tips, dieting information, fitness programs exercises weight loss, self esteem building, existing activities, in a friendship atmosphere. It makes the weight loss and fun.
  • These camps have programs that focus on long term basis, safe sustainable.
  • Some have plans to change the negative stereo types associated with fat camps and diet camps.

Weight Loss Camps-

  • The weight loss camps provide home like atmosphere where specialist for nutrition, for exercise, monitoring the persons eating habits and controlling their activities.
  • The instructors are also available to give the proper schedule for each activity.
  • In these camps the persons are given meals portioned controlled, nutritious and great tasting.
  • These camps teach classes in nutrition, dieting and cooking. The diet is easy to maintain after camp, maintain physical fitness, evaluate various diets, dieting options.

Weight Loss Camps-0

  • These camps also offer the individuals with monthly news letters with exercise, weight loss tips, and low calorie menu options.
  • These camps also offer the individuals the healthy life skills and choices. These camps give the target of weight loss results of 2 to 5 pounds per week on average. But the effectiveness of these camps varies widely depending upon the quality of individual program and biochemistry of the attending camps.

Weight Loss Camps-01

  • These weight loss camps also focus on psychological reasons for weight gain, so due to this reason the effectiveness of each weight loss camps is dependable on person’s self regulatory behavior and cognitive behavioral therapy. The key element for these weight loss camps is to ensure that weight loss persists long after campers return to their homes.
  • As the above features show the weight loss in weight los camps is a fun as well as social activity to build the person’s social behavior. These are very beneficial if held under proper management.