Weight Loss Foods to Eat

Weight Loss Foods to Eat
Weight Loss Foods to Eat for your body health

There are numerous studies which give the list of weight loss foods but as we know that our body requires all the essential nutrients for its better functioning. We need all the five groups of balanced diet to keep ourselves well nourished and healthy. For this propose we have to keep in mind all those foods in our weight loss plan which also gives us energy.

Here are some good weight loss foods to eat from different food groups:

PROTIENS: A research show that a hormone PYY is secreted by digestive system to reduces the hunger. This release of pyy hormones is triggered with the use of protein foods. Studies show that due to this reason proteins are helpful in solving the problem of obesity. Use proteins 15% to 20 % in diet. Lean meat, skinless chicken, turkey, cold water fish, whey proteins shakes, egg proteins shakes, soy proteins bars etc all are helpful in quick shedding of pounds.

Weight Loss Foods to Eat

CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are often thought to be the cause of obesity. Foods contain high digestible carbohydrates as bread; pasta can be replaced with proteins as weight loss is concerned. But the researches show that eating the right form of carbohydrates helps much in attaining the ideal weight.

weight loss foodAccording to dieticians there are some carbohydrates which are grouped as third fiber type. These fibrous carbohydrates are present in fibers of whole grain, legumes, uncooked potatoes, green bananas and high amylase corn. These resistant starches are also found in cooked and cooled digestible starch as corn flakes.

These reduce the hunger by the feeling of fullness, reduce the intake of calories and burn more calories. It is also observed that instead of white rice taking brown rice and mix those with peas, corns and other resistant ant starch help in preventing the diabetes .Resistant starch or RS carbohydrates also help in accelerating the metabolism and burning fats of the body especially in the abdominal areas. So crabs are the best option in reducing the belly fats then any other diet.

Weight Loss Foods to EatWeight Loss Foods to Eat

FATTY DIETS: To fulfill the fat requirements of the body and also reduce the weight of the body seems to be two opposite tasks but we are thankful to nature who blessed us with the food stuffs which have omega 3 essential fatty acids. The flaxseeds oil is fat that will help to burn fats of the body. As you buy these place them in refrigerated and use within three weeks for better results in weight loss plan. As long as animal fats are concerned fish is the best to include in your diet plan to replenish the fats requirements .If it is grilled or steam cooked it will help to meet the body fat requirements without disturbing the ideal weight of the body.

Weight Loss Foods to Eat

FRUITS: To meet the requirements of vitamins and water fresh fruits and juices are wonderful. Apples, bananas, strawberries, grapefruit, all berries, and oranges are the best fruits in reducing the body weight and also keeping you fresh.

WATER: It has been researched that there are 3500 calories in each pound and you can loose two pounds per month just by taking water 10- 20 minutes before each meal without diluting the digestive enzymes.