Weight Loss Journey Before and After


Weight Loss JourneyHow to Weight Loss Journey Before and After Calories are not bad actually these are good and the main source of energy which is very important for healthy lifestyle and very good for all body and the system that keep things going on the way they should, but if they are not getting in the use that means our body will not use it and what will happen then, our body will store it and that we will get fat eventually so if you want to stay healthy then you got to use these calories before next meal so here is a healthy and here is a way of healthy weight lose.

Weight Loss: – first of all you need to understand the equation of healthy weight loses

Weight Loss = Calories Burn – Calories Intake and if the answer comes in positive amount then you need to burn more and if the answer is negative then you are good to go.

If you ate 1200 calories and you burn just 100 calories then you stored 22 calories in your body and if you keep this track and at the end of this week you feel just 1400 calories heavier then you know the reason, am I right? So the best solution is, if you eating 1200 calories a day and you cannot work too hard and you burn just 1200 or may be 1300 then at the end of the week you will be light with at least one pound which is a really good start and shows that you are on a right track, the best way to lose weight is, eat 1000 calories a day and try to burn at least 1500 and then you will burn what you ate and some more which means you are burning the fat you stored during previous years and that means you are losing weight.

Now when you start losing weight, you will feel really good on first two weeks, you lose weight, you lose inches and you see difference and you feel really good which make you more enthusiastic about your weight lose, but that is the time when your body feel that you are under some bad circumstances and it should help you and if you are not eating the amount you have been eating for a very long time that means you are in danger so it start behaving like a army soldier and fight against your weight loss program, and that is the time when you need to work hard cause if you quit now you will never lose weight and you will never get into healthy life style, so keep on your track and don’t get depressed with the behavior of your body, cause body will quite even sooner than you imagine.

You need to stop thinking about your weight and look at that moment, just think that you are doing that because you like to do that, you are not expecting anything, if you don’t see any change in your weight or inches that means it will show a bit later, but you will see the results soon.

Weight Loss Journey Before and After Weight Loss Journey Before and After Weight Loss Journey Before and After Weight Loss Journey Before and After
Best of luck and defeat that fatty body and the stupid system.