What Is The Best Make Up

What Is The Best Make Up
Such skin is to be handled with great care as minute application of different products creates irritation to the skin.

What Is The Best Make Up – Makeup is the need of today’s life. Only the few have perfect looks and satisfy within them selves, other wise we have to do make up to cover the flaws of our beauty and also to enhance our beauty. To select the right beauty product for you is really a challenging issue.

When we stand at the cosmetic corner to shop for the make up for us we get much confused what to buy and what to leave. All brands have their own benefits described at their labels. Some times we slip from our track and buy those which we have no need or not compatible to our skin.


While selecting the beauty products following tips must be kept n mind:


  1. First of all you should be well informed about your skin texture, your skin type and skin tone. Usually there are four types of skin; normal skin, oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. If you have normal skin then you are the lucky one. On the other hand if your skin is oily you have to choose such make up products which not make the skin greasy. If you have patchy flakes at the skin or the skin get tightened, if you not use the moisturizer then your skin is dry. The combination skin is oily at the T zone area of the face and dry   for the rest part. With all these skin types the skin may be sensitive. Such skin is to be handled with great care as minute application of different products creates irritation to the skin. While selecting the make up products your first priority should be that it will be compatible to the skin type.
  2. The make up products which have oil in their manufacturing are suitable for dry skin. Usually the vitamin E oil is used which give proper nourishment to the dry skin as well as moisturize it. For oily and sensitive skin the water based make up products are used. As these products absorb the oil of the skin and also make it supple and gives fresh looks. If oily products are used at oily skin these will not stay at the skin especially the eye shadows and come down with smudging of different shades.
  3. The skin tone also plays the vital role in the selection of make up products and their shades. Peach and pink, from the lightest pink to darker shades of mauve suits well for the fairer complexion .Brown and bronze shades are suited for dark complexions. For dark skin tones Copper, rust, dark rose, burgundy shades are also give the beautiful looks.
  4. In case of sensitive skin the make up products with hypoallergenic abilities are used. Though these are bit expensive but the cost of your skin is much more then the make up products.

Apply the make up products after careful selection and make your looks gorgeous.