White Tea Better For Your Skin

White Tea Better For Your Skin
Due to the presence of high amount of catchiness, White tea is much more beneficial in skin care as compared to white tea.

White Tea Better For Your Skin – Green tea is the most researched plant on earth and much is said about the benefits of green tea. It is great antioxidant, secure from cardiovascular diseases, cancer preventive, ant aging properties and also used for skin firming and skin care characteristics. As long as health and skin benefits are concerned white tea is similar to green tea because it contains same contents as that of green tea.

The so called catchiness is also found in white tea as of green tea. Latest researches show that the white tea in skin care is more effective as compared to green tea.



  • Tea is drink which is formed from the leaves of plant Camellia saneness. These harvested leaves are processed in various ways which changes the chemical composition of leaves and amount of catechism is changed with other contents. Due to this three different types of tea come out after processing, as black tea, green tea and white tea.
  • Black tea is made of fully fermented leaves and very low amount of catechism.
  • Green tea is made by air drying of leaves, it not undergoes the fermentation and loss of catechism is less.
  • White tea is least processed leaves and has high contents of catchiness within them.



Due to the presence of high amount of catchiness, White tea is much more beneficial in skin care as compared to white tea.

It has following benefits in skin care:

  1. It is the best skin rejuvenating agent.
  2. It slows down the skin aging by its antioxidant activity and inhibits the presence of metalloproteinase’s enzymes which causes the lowering of elating and collagen proteins from skin texture and skin looses its firming and wrinkles appear on the skin. So it acts as skin matrix protector.
  3. White tea is used in many skin care creams, lotions, serum, toners and cleansers.
  4. Oral consumption of white tea is also used as nutritional supplement for skin health.
  5. It gives more freshness and vitality to the skin.
  6. It is also observed that the white tea has many antibacterial benefits and used for recovering the skin infections.
  7. It is also used to protect skin from sun damaging and the extract of it is used for external application on the skin.