Whitening Remedies For Fair Skin


Whitening Remedies For Fair SkinEveryone wants to have beautiful skin and flawless glow and if you are in any part of Asia then I bet you can kill to get flawless fairness and you might be spending thousands of pounds on your looks every year, but the things that can actually make you fair is very cheap and you can get all of them in few 100s and today we are going to share some simple and some very exiting tips and be honest I am really excited about these tips cause I want to see if you get the same results or not.

First of all you need to stop using all chemical and all ready to use produces and give yourself one healthy organic year and you will thank yourself for this one year.

You need to start using gram flour for your face, no matter how many times you wash your face; you just need to sue gram flour, you need to wash your face with water and then take some gram flour ion your wet hand and mix some water in it and start rubbing it on your face with your hands, make sure you are applying on every part of your face and then wash it off with clean ruing water.

You need to apply either sandal wood or clay mask everyday and mix it with rose water, sandal wood is loaded with the magical power and it can help you get fairer and softer skin and it will help you get smooth and glowing complexion and the combination of clay will keep your skin clean and smooth and that is very important to get flawless skin.

Scrub off all the dirt and dead cells with lime and salt if you have oily skin and lime and sugar if you have dry skin, you can use this scrub 4 times a week. Apply a mask of honey, lime and glycerin 5 times a week for golden glow. You need to be really regular and you will see the result really soon, if you get any kind of side effects or you need some help please let me know.