Winter Makeup Tricks to Try this Season


Finding out right winter makeup tips is quite hard. After searching allover the web, I have compiled the list of best makeup tricks for winter for a wonderful winter makeup look.

Take a trip below to learn the tips.

Oil-Free Moisturizer

The first and foremost winter makeup trick I have for you gals is wearing an oil-free moisturizer. In the dry, chilly winter season when skin dryness turn out to be a prevalent issue, a moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and fresh-looking. So, go for it girls!!!

Light Foundation

While super-heavy, liquid foundation might be ideal for summertime, for winters it is better switching to a light-weight, airy foundation as you never love to have something extra cumbersome onto your face during winter. Put on light-weight concealer if you need some additional coverage.

Winter Makeup Tricks to Try this Season

Let Heavy Glosses Go

It’s a common practice among the women that as soon as the temperature drops and the snow hits, they stock up on heavy lip glosses. But that’s not the case this season, gals! Ditch the heavyweight glosses and settle on something light instead such as lipstain or chapstick etc.

Use Lighter Hues

Just because its wintertime, doesn’t mean that you necessarily should dress in dark and wear bolder makeup shades! Ladies, this season, lighter hues are in trend. Let dark hues go and pick the lighter ones to make your personality look and feel fashionable and trendy.

Thick Mascara Coats

This winter makeup trick is all about lushing up your lashes with several coats of mascara. Do it very diligently however so you don’t end up with spider lashes. Just make sure to add next coat when the first one is still wet. Keep on adding coats until you get desired plumped, longer lashes.

Peach and Pink Blusher are In

Blusher is a must when it comes to perfect winter makeup look. The trendier blushers of this season include shades of pink and peach color. Of course, blush colors depend totally on your natural coloring, the key is not to opt for anything too dark.

Wear Pastels and Waterproof Liner

Yes you read the right!! This winter pastels are in trend. Think about wearing light blues, light pinks, light yellows and oranges this season to make your eyes pop. Finalize the look with moderately-thick lining o the top lids with waterproof eyeliner.