Wonders of Lemon and Honey for Skin


Wonders of Lemon and Honey for SkinOver exposure to the sun, aging and acne can do a number on your coloring, causing uneven discolored skin. Honey and lemon are two purely natural ingredients which can help you achieve smooth, perfect, glowing skin

Our skin tend to be very soft and smooth during childhood but as we grow old several factors such as sun exposure, air pollutants, aging condition ETC change your complexion while it is impossible to turn the time back ,honey and lemon may help you.

Lemon is an acidic fruit that is well-known due to its wonderful effects for skin. It helps your skin to maintain its PH level that is in important factor for keeping even tone. The citric acid found ion lemon helps in reducing age spots and freckles due to its bleaching properties.

Honey’s wonders for skin are also unlimited; it acts as a bleaching and moisturizing agent. Your can prepare a natural skin toner by combining lemon and honey. Take ¼ tablespoon honey, 2 tablespoon with hazel and few drops lemon of juice. Now mix all ingredients well in a clean jar. Your home-made toner ready for use, keep it in refrigerator and use whenever you want.

A blend of duo is natural bleach and moisturizing treatment that is great for evening out discolored, blotchy skin. Down to highly acidic nature of lemon, this homemade toner works like a magic to maintain the PH of your skin that is a contributing factor in skin tone.

Honey, on other hand is great natural moisturizer. To prepare the toner, you have to combine adequate dosages of honey and lime juice and then add some drops of witch hazel and distilled water in the mixture. Apply it to your dry skin with a cotton ball.