Xenab’s Atelier Latest summer 2012 Fashion Outfits


Xenab’s Atelier in a fashionable and elegant with a very famous fashion labels to casual wear Bridal wear clothing, as well as a fabric designer demand. Xenab ‘s Atelier has been working since the year 2009 and a period in his career, short and very famous fashion brand.

Recently returned from Xenab’s Atelier in summer 2012 collection, a stunning collection of beautiful embroidered party wear dresses added. These are perfect for parties but any kind of marriage, their quality and designs. Xenab’s Atelier has designed the collection of functions you can wear this dress this should be brought to you with innovative cuts and look for a female.

T-shirts and frocks at the border line style long-Stitching-Embroidery embellishment, hemline, neckline, back and contrast color shirts. The summer 2012 collection is used in front of the shiny black, red, hot pink, and so on and etc is like. Just a little sleep here and take a look at these dresses by Atelier 2012 Xenab women here on the ground .. Let’s see