Yoga For Health Body


As per the latest research at Yale’s University of Medicines, it has been proved that people undergoing yoga exercises have least chances of high blood pressure heart problems and blood functions.

Yoga history dates back around 5000 years and previously it was common in eastern culture now how its roots are spreading even in the western cultures. Virtually speaking its benefits are not restricted to physical health; rather the psychological health also improves through reduced stresses on mind and send of well-being. The spiritual advantages were the basic reasons of its historical commencement in which the individual while deeply involved in exercise gets connected to God or spirit. The yoga exercises might range from minutes to hours and even the days depending upon individual’s routine.

Yoga For Health Body

Many researches have proved that the people doing yoga exercises are more creative and healthier in their task desks. Yoga is derived from the word “yoke” meaning “to bring together” thus it brings the mind body and spirit together. There are various techniques of performing yoga, but in actual it’s a combination of following.

Controlled breathing

  • Mediation
  • Mental imagery
  • Physical exercises / movements
  • Stretching
  • Benefits of Yoga.

The benefits of yoga include;

Yoga For Health Body-

  1. Stress reduction.
  2. Deep and comfortable sleeping cycles.
  3. Improved health through reduced blood pressure.
  4. Relief in many diseases such as asthma and allergy.
  5. Spiritual relaxation.
  6. Increased strength.
  7. Anti aging.
  8. Lesser cardiac diseases.
  9. Increases flexibility in body.
  10. Increases lubrication of joints, tendons and ligaments.
  11. Excessively reduces stresses in muscles.
  12. Reduces pulse and respiratory rates.
  13. Cardiovascular efficiency increases.
  14. Improvement in gastrointestinal functions.
  15. Improvement in excretory and digestive functions.
  16. Improvement in posture endurance energy level strength and resilience.
  17. Weight reduction.
  18. Improvement in steadiness, depth and balance of body and mind.

Yoga For Health Body-0

Although the benefits of yoga may not be denied, but there are few limitations associated with it also, which includes:-

1.      Requirement of enough time

2.      Boring schedules

3.      Expenditures

Other than the physical benefits and disadvantages, it is basically a coordination of mind and body. Science has proven that if mind works with body, human body is designed to create miracles, however it demands spiritual stamina of days and even weeks and months to go with it.

There are numerous exercises and postures available on internet, if someone is ready to start with yoga, but before you start, must make your body and mind ready to go with it for longer duration so as to achieve considerable results.