Younger Looking Eyes


Our eyes are always facing different stress. Some times we are watching TV, some times we are in front of computer and some times we have so much mental stress which affects our eyes as well as our eyes. The eye bags, dark circles, puffiness of eyes all are the culprits of facial beauty. For the radiant beauty we need the youthful and innocent eyes.

There are certain tips to be followed for achieving the goal:

  1. The first thing to be needed to make your inner full of fun and pleasure by thinking the beautiful incidents of your life and plan the beautiful things for future or start to live in fools paradise and allow all the worries to vanish so that all the stress gone away and the brightness of pleasant moments reflect in your eyes.
  2. The delicate skin around your eyes should be properly treated with home remedies and moisturizing eye creams.
  3. The caterpillar eye brows are trimmed in a beautiful way and shaped up with the proportionate manner according to other facial features.
  4. Start the eyes make up by which the eyes look natural and the eye shadows are used which are compatible to your skin tone and eye color either matching or contrasting.
  5. The inner of the lower lash line rim is lined with white eye liner. It will give the wider and fresh look to the eyes.
  6. Matte eye shadows are applied at the eye lids especially highlight your brow bone and inner corners of the eye and blend them well so that no harsh line is visible. It will give the youth full appearance to the eyes.
  7. The eye lashes are properly curled with mascara and curler.
  8. Add concealed to the under eyes to hide ay dark circles around the eyes.
  9. Use the facial highlighter to trace the bridge of nose and underneath the eyes.

Try to keep your eye make simple so that heavy look of eye make up makes your personality aged.