Your Bridal Beauty Plan


Your Bridal Beauty PlanWe are going to give you a beauty plan for your weeding day and to make your wedding pictures absolutely stunning and classy…. we will start from head to toe and we will make sure that you get all the tips you need to get perfects looks for the day.

We will start from, hair, if you have few months then get some hair cut and try which will look absolutely good on your big day cause this will the look you will carry for the day, and once a month get your hair trimmed from the same solon and same beautician and don’t forget to get deep conditioning once a week at least and if you think that you need more then you can try twice a week too, now let metabolism tell you one thing, while you are trying to get perfect look for your big day you need to stop using all kind of chemicals, use herbal things and a baby shampoo which will keep your hair but they will don’t harm your hair any bit, eat lots of protein and lots of green fruits and vegetables and not to forget lots of water.

Now we will talk about your face and your teeth, if you have any teeth issue you need to get it done right now, cause any dental work need some time to settle down so do it now and start eating fresh and balanced food for fresh breath and beautiful smile, when you brush your teeth brush your gums with the same brush too, but too gentle.

You need to maintain a healthy diet and a perfect hygiene for healthy face and for perfect flawless skin, you need to take bath every day, no matter what season this is, you need to clean your pores everyday and scrub off all dead cell three days a week and use herbal things to get fresh and glowing skin and if you want to know then you can find our blog food for glowing skin and a blog about herbal things to make skin shine naturally too.

Your Bridal Beauty Plan-

Get pedicure and manicure three times a week and make sure they are not using harsh chemicals on your skin or on your nails, while you are trying to look good and preparing for your wedding day so avoid all kind of nail arts, they are not good for you at the moment, so just get a simple cleaning treatment three times a week and you will look absolutely get on your wedding day.

Now let me tell you one thing, if you really want to look good then relax and stay happy, if you will take that much stress you will never look good and if you feel relaxed you will look good no matter what, it is the biggest day of your life so just relax and enjoy the moment and feel the love of the relationship.