Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Routine


Your Pre-Wedding Beauty RoutineSummer is here and that is the time when we attend lots of weddings and if you are one of those who decided to get married during this summer then here are some simple tips and secretes for you to look flowerless on the beautiful day of your weeding.

Skincare: – first of all if you are preparing for you weeding and you just have few months or weeks then do one thing immediately, stop using any kind of chemicals at all, if you want to look good on your big day then you need to be cosmetic free for whole this time, make sure you are using best cleaning routine, you are cleaning your pores everyday and you are scrubbing off these dead cells and skin ever other day and using any good skin toner everyday. Use HOME REMEDIES for all these requirement, we have shard 100s of blogs over home remedies for beautiful skin and other features, try them and get the glowing skin on your big day, if you feel odd going out with nude face then you can try some petroleum jelly on lips and eyes;) you will look good.

Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Routine-

Diet: – you need to be really careful about your diet, don’t eat junk food, don’t eat unhealthy spicy or too sweet baked things, you can try some Vegetarian Diet for a while and if you miss meat then try some sea food, but no cheating with chicken or other forms of meat, they are not good for you at this moment when you are planning for your wedding, don’t forget your nuts, they are good for you, specially at this time of tension and depression.

Exercise: – if you are trying to reduce weight then you can join any gym, but if you are fine and you just need to maintain your looks then nothing is better than 45 minutes walk twice a day, you just need to get your music in your ears and kick off all the depression and smile for next 45 minutes for a beautiful day and night.

Solon visits:-Even if you feel that you have magical skin and you are taking good care of yourself, still you need to visit your Solon three times a month, but book the same beautician and same Solon and if possible get them appointed for your wedding day make over, by then they would know all the flows and qualities of your face and let them know that they are the one who are going to make you bridal so they will make plans for your looks, and after that let them decide what kind of hair you will get and what kind of colors they will give you and what would be the shape of your brows.

Now the most important thing for the bride and brides mate, you need to divide all the stuff with each other and then you need to trust each other and don’t interfere, enjoy and be happy.