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Youthful Makeup Tips Beauty Hints for a Younger Appearance

Youthful Makeup Tips Beauty Hints for a Younger Appearance
Youthful Makeup Tips Beauty Hints for a Younger Appearance

Are you aware of the fact that the cosmetics you use could add years to your look, making you look older than your actual age? Many women believe that makeup makes their face look younger. However, when applied the wrong way makeup can in fact make your face seem to be much older than it actually is. There are few tips that can help you retain the younger appearance for long.

Don’t Conceal Wrinkles with Heavy Makeup

When it comes to skincare, the majority women focus on making the mild, age lines and wrinkle less noticeable. Though, it is quite impossible to hide the wrinkles completely, however, few thing can be done to make them less obvious. Keeping it light is the key.

Fresh, clean and clear skin always makes you look young. For achieving this look women overdo with foundation and concealer. But be warned!!! Apply thick layers of makeup on these subtle lines can be an error! Instead, opt for lightweight oil-free beauty products to give your skin a little bit of tint.

It will provide you with enough coverage, without filling in your wrinkle areas. And, when it comes to fine lines, natural makeup with extra moisture is of utmost important. Moreover, the added moisture will also help preventing the appearance of more lines in the future.

Brighten Under Eyes with Concealer Applied the Right Way

Under eye area is another area of concern while making effort to have more young looking appearance. The skin of under-eye-area is very delicate that easily show attrition from stress and skin abuse. To make the eye area brighter, use a little concealer directly under your eye. This will cover the under-eye circles.

The concealer you use should be one shade lighter than the foundation you have used; be sure to blend it well in the eye area. Use a tint one shade lighter than your foundation and blend it well. Use your ring finger to apply the concealer in subtle under-eye area as it is the one that exerts least pressure thus doesn’t damage your delicate under-eye skin. .

Dust a little powder, after putting on the concealer and follow it up with application of light colored eyeshadow over the entire lid. Apply a small amount of shadow in the corner of your eye and under your lower eyelashes as well. This will brighten up your eyes and make them look youthful. Finally apply a little mascara.

Youthful and Fresh Lips & Cheeks

The haste of looking younger leads the women to pile on the red lipstick! Remember, it doesn’t look apt for everyday wear. To have a youthful appearance, go for a dewy lipstick-gloss combination. Most brands offer this type of lipstick. It will tint your lips slightly, without going matte and the shiny or “dew” of this lipstick instantly adds youth to your face.

Speaking to cheeks, for getting a natural and youthful look, always use a natural and light blush. Put a bit on to the cheekbones and go!

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